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Black Belt Grading 2019



Black Belt Grading was as hot as I can remember, we gave the candidates 100% as always and they gave us it back. It was not a 100% pass rate which is a shame but does happen, we put the candidates through all their syllabus, followed by Sparring & Fitness. Our Black Belts. I was so proud of everyone.


New Dan Grades went to


3rd Dan – Kieron Stuart

2nd Dan – Darren Revill, Sarah Illingworth & Sarah Hyslop

1st Dan – James Revill, Andy Townsend, Micheala Hempstock, Abby Townsend, Pia Slater, Jayne Emsley, Sarah Cashmore, Carl Chambers, Nieve Davis-Parker, Isabelle Doel, Daniel Holmes, Libbie-Mae Noble, Elisha Peppard, Lewis Kirk, Guraaj Kaur, Arran Clark, Riley Cougill & Jakub Sudlitz


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