Andy Crittenden

Owner, Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner of ACMAC Martial Arts Schools

6th Degree Black Belt in Multi Skilled Martial Arts

Holds Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, SDF Modern Street Combat, Superfoot System, Eskrima & Ju-Jitsu

Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame Inductee 2012

Chief Referee of Revolution Tournaments

Executive Member of WKKC England

3x UK Instructor of the Year (1999, 2000 & 2013)

MAI UK Top School Owner Award 2014

Head Coach of Team ACMAC Inspire & trainer of World, European & British Champions

Chief Welfare Officer of ACMAC Martial Arts


Andy started training in the Martial Arts in 1987, training in Tae Kwon Do with British, European & World Champion Kim Stones 7th Dan. Still with Kim Andy took up Kick Boxing and Kenpo Karate achieving Dan Grades in all 3 styles.

In 2000 Andy started training in SDF Self Defence with Dave Turton 10th Dan along with Ju-Jitsu and Eskrima. This was the start of Andy’s Evolution as a Martial Artist. Andy then went on to train in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Cobra FMA and Submission Grappling.

This lead to Andy deciding to start his own style Multi Skilled Martial Arts coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of training in the Martial Arts. At the birth of this new system Andy held Dan Grades in Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, SDF Self Defence & Kenpo Karate as well as grades in other Arts.

Andy currently holds the following grades.

6th Degree Black Belt
Multi Skilled Martial Arts

(All Styles Martial Arts Association

6th Degree Black Belt

Superfoot System (Bill "Superfoot" Wallace)
6th Degree Black Belt Kick Boxing (Andrew Morrell CMAA)
5th Degree Black Belt SDF Modern Street Combat (Dave Turton SDF)
5th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do (All Styles Martial Arts Association)
1st Degree Black Belt  Ju-Jitsu  (Matt Hunter CMAA)
Black Level & Instructor Eskrima    (Dave Irwin)
Level 2 Trainer Catch as Catch Can Wrestling (Billy Robinson - Scientific Wrestling)
Advanced Instructor Serrada Escrima  (Mark Wiley) 

Andy started training to be an Instructor at the age of 15, he went onto become a Full Time Instructor at Kim Stones Academy when he left school aged 17. Andy worked for Kim Stones for 5 years when he left he had the title of Manager & Master Instructor of Kim’s main school in Doncaster. Whilst there Andy was awarded UK Instructor of the Year 1999 (UK version) and UK Instructor of the Year 2000 (International version) by the Educational Funding Company and the title of Professor in 2001 and Master Instructor in 2002 by Black Belt Schools International. Andy was one of the first people to achieve the level of Master’s Level Self Defence Instructor with the Self Defence Federation as well as being one of the only people to be given Lifetime Membership to the SDF.

Andy puts a great emphasis on training high quality Instructors and this is one of the reasons ACMAC has such a strong Instructor Team and has now expanded to 6 Academies in Doncaster.


Andy has won 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in World, European & British Championships competing in Point Sparring, Light Continuous, Submission Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defence, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sport Sword, Weapon Fighting & Korean Patterns. Most recently winning the 2013 WTKA/WKA World & European Championships..

As well as competing himself Andy has trained National Champions in Mixed Martial Arts, Full Contact Kick Boxing, Point Fighting, Light Continuous Kick Boxing, Korean Patterns, Sport Weapons, Weapon Forms, Freestyle Forms & Submission Grappling and has even coached and trained competitors for the 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 World Championships. In 2011 Team ACMAC came back with its first World Champions. The pinacle achievement in the Sport side of Martial Arts. Andy is also a Nationally respected Referee and Judge, he is the Chief Referee for WTKA GB & Revolution Tournaments and is an “A” Class Referee with the CMAA and has served as a Judge for Cage Warriors & Ultimate Force MMA Shows.

Andy’s main Instructor’s and Influences have been Dave Turton & Kim Stones. Dave Turton has not only trained Andy in his SDF Systems but opened his eyes to other styles too. As well as supporting him and ACMAC 100% in everything they do. Kim Stones was Andy's original Instructor and also taught Andy two very important things, how to run a School and how to teach great classes. Andy's other Instructor’s have included Billy Robinson (RIP) & Jake Shannon (Catch as Catch Can Wrestling), Dave Kovar (Success Coach), Andrew Morrell (Kick Boxing & Cobra FMA), Dave Irwin (Eskrima & Serrada), Neil Wain (Mixed Martial Arts), Terry Brown (English Martial Arts), Matt Hunter (Ju-Jitsu) & Royce Gracie (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

As well as his Instructor’s Andy has trained with many great Martial Artists from around the world including Randy Couture, Dan Inosanto, Hee il Cho, Johnny Huskey, Chuck Liddell, Larry Hartsell, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Tom Callos, Jesse Elder, Hee Young Kimm, John Machado, Erik Paulson, Marcelo Brigadeiro, Mark Wiley, Dan Severn, Johari Bin Jantan, Tom Muncy, Greg Silva, Carley Gracie & the best the UK has to offer such as Trevor Roberts, Andy Roberts, Karl Blackwell, Drew Neal, Nathan Leverton, Rick Burns, Michael Bisping, Geoff Thompson, Rick Young, Neil Adams, Mike Gould, Stevie Smith, Phil Glover, Pat & Lucy O’Malley, Peter Consterdine, Bob Breen & Tony Sewell.

Andy has brought the best Instructors in the World to ACMAC for his students and Martial Artists across Europe. He was the man to bring Billy Robinson back to England and hosted Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis & Jeff Smith on the same night. On top of that Dave Turton, Kim Stones, Dave Kovar, Larry Hartsell, Royce Gracie, Tom Callos, Joe Tierney, Raymond Daniels, Danny Hoskins, Michael Bisping, Benny the Jet, Trevor Roberts and so many more have graced the mats at ACMAC.

Andy has performed in many demonstrations around the South Yorkshire area including his 2 Black Belt Display Nights and at Kim Stones Black Belt Extravaganza’s that were held at Doncaster Civic Theatre. Andy tries his best to use his Martial Arts Centre and its students to help local and national charities his three highlights would be his 100 person spar for Doncaster Royal Infirmary in 2001, his appearance on BBC Children in Need for a similar event in 1996 and for the raffle held in aid of the DEC Tsunami Appeal. In 2011 Andy organised a Toy Appeal for Children who wouldnt get a gift a Christmas and collected 170 presents, this is now an Annual event across all our Schools. Our current charity projects include supporting Paul Cooks 100 mile runs to fight against Cancer and supporting a local girl who has a rare terminal disease.

As well as Martial Arts accolades the Centre has also achieved things in the world of business & sport. In 2003 & 2004 the Centre was a Finalist in Doncaster Chamber of Commerce New Business of the Year Award and also in 2004 we won the prestigious Most Customer Focused Business Award at Business Link South Yorkshire’s Shell Live Wire Event. In 2012 Team ACMAC won the Doncaster Free Press Sports Team of the Year Award beating Doncaster Belles, Doncaster Athletics club and others at an awards night held at Keepmoat Stadium.

Andy and the Centre have been featured in various magazines and newspapers including Fighters Only, Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat, Fighters, Sheffield 1st 4 Business, Doncaster Annual Report 2003-2004, Doncaster Education & Training Yearbook 2004-2005, Doncaster Free Press, Doncaster Courier, Doncaster Advertiser, Doncaster Star and South Yorkshire Times as well as appearing on Local Radio.

Andy has taught in many schools in the Doncaster area including Doncaster College, Balby Carr, Balby Central, Cedar Special, McAuley, Plover, Woodfield, Mallard, Saltersgate, Edlington Hill Top, Edlington Comp, Station Road, Conisbrough, Northcliffe, Lakeside Primary, Wadworth Primary, Tickhill Estfeld, Tickhill St Mary’s, Warmsworth Primary, Edlington Victoria Primary & Magnus Church of England High School (Newark)

Andy has travelled all over the UK & to The United States to train in the Martial Arts and  to develop his own system Multi Skilled Martial Arts, it has been his Full Time Career for over 18 years and he has dedicated his life towards everything he has achieved so far and is constantly wanting to improve and learn more and he continues to set goals for himself in the Martial Arts and strives to be able to give his students more than anybody else in the UK does. Andy’s Ultimate Goal is to be the best Instructor and Martial Artist that he can be.



On Saturday 5th May on the 25th Anniversary of Andy starting Martial Arts Training he was graded to 6th Degree Black Belt in Multi Skilled Martial Arts by Master Dave Turton and in front of over 40 Black Belts including his original Instructor Master Kim Stones 7th Dan & WTKA GB Head Master Terry Johnston 7th Dan. Andy performed aspects of 20 different styles which he has trained in over the years and included all his Black Belts in the performance and invited all his students to watch. It was the biggest day of his career so far. 

In July 2012 ACMAC hosted Europes first ever Catch Wrestling Certification under Billy Robinson & Jake Shannon of Scientific Wrestling. Andy was one of succesful people to be Certified as an Official Catch Wrestler.

In November 2012 Andy was inducted into the very prestigious MAI Martial Arts Hall of Fame along with his mentor Dave Turton and good friend Chris Jones and some of Martial Arts greatest legends like Joe Tierney, Drew Neal, Lee Matthews, Alfie Lews, Neville Wray, Andy Norman, Terry Johnston, Phil Glover, Master Sken, Bernard Taylor, Tom Wynne, Clifton Findley and more.


Andy founded SDF Combat Systems and began to travel the country setting up training groups in Modern Street Combat & Combat Grappling.

Revolution began its expansion starting Tournaments in Newcastle & Basingstoke

2013 was Andy's best year for Tournaments winning 2 World Championships (Weapon Fighting & Self Defence Forms), European Championships (Sport Sword) and British Championship (Light Continuous)

Andy was graded to 6th Dan in the Superfoot System by legendary World Champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Andy was only a handful of people to win Awards at back to back MAI Hall of Fame ceremonies. This year being awarded with the very prestigious Top Instructor Award


Revolution Tournaments continued to grow by starting Events in Chepstow (Wales) & Chapel en le Frith (Derbyshire)

In July Andy was appointed the Manager of WTKA England's Point Fighting & Light Continuous Division.

Andy was awarded the "Top School Owner Award" at the MAI Hall of Fame Awards


Andy started working with Joe Tierney and WKKC England and has been involved in the Administration of their National Championships and the England Team's Trip to the World Championships in Florida.

Andy was graded to the 2nd Level of Brown by his Instructor Danny Hoskins in Native American Warrior Arts


Andy was invited to San Marino to the IAKSA World Championships where he met with International President Mr Bellettini and his Team and was offered the position of England President which he accepted.

In May Andy taught on the UK Martial Arts Show at the Doncaster Dome, he taught SDF to people from around the Country in a packed out event.

In October Andy graded for his Black Level in Eskrima under his long term Instructor Dave Irwin. He has been training for 16 years so its been a long road but well worth the wait.


Andy along with his long time training partner Ian Harrison was awarded 5th Dan Black Belt under his Instructor Dave Turton in SDF Modern Street Combat & Goshinkwai Combat. They became only the 5th & 6th people to achieve Master Rank from Dave in his System, a great honour after many years of private tuition.


Andy travelled to the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas to learn from some of the very best Martial Artists & School Owners in the World.


Andy was inducted into the European/Asia/Pacific Hall of Fame by Zulfi Ahmed & ken Pankiewicz

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