Andy Crittenden

Andy Crittenden

Founder & Chief Instructor

Andy (Mr C) has been training in the Martial Arts since 1987 starting in Tae Kwon Do, after achieving Black Belt he started studying other Martial Arts and then started assisting in classes.

These two things would go on to define him as a Martial Artist and be the things that kept his interest at a high level for so many years.

Andy has been a Full Time Instructor since 1997, it is the only job he knows, he opened his own School later that year at Woodfield Primary School and taught there alongside his role at Kim Stones Academy which he went from Trainee Instructor to Full Instructor to Head Instrutor to Master Instructor which was his title when he left in November 2002.

In January 2003 he opened ACMAC Balby (known then as Andy Crittenden’s Martial Arts Centre), in 2010 Andy had a vision of opening more Schools under the ACMAC Brand and brought together a group of like minded Senior Black Belt Students, this was the birth of ACMAC Schools.

Andy has sought out the very best Instructor’s in the World to be his teachers and mentors including Dave Turton (SDF/Goshinkwai), Dave Irwin (Eskrima), Mark Wiley (Serrada), Bill Wallace (Superfoot System), Andrew Morrell (Kick Boxing), Matt Hunter (Ju-Jitsu), Royce Gracie (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Danny Hoskins (Native American Warrior Arts), Terry Brown (English Martial Arts), Brian Lister (Kobudo), his original Instructor Kim Stones (Tae Kwon Do) and the late great Billy Robinson (Catch as Catch Wrestling).

Also for shorter periods of time Neil Wain (MMA), Paul Neilson (Boxing) & Paul Powers and Team (K1 Kick Boxing) as well Karl Blackwell who was a big influence in the early days of his Goshinkwai Training. There is also Dave Kovar who has been a huge inspiration to him since visiting his School in California in 1998, he has attended many Business & teaching events under him on both sides of the Atlantic. Another big influence is Trevor Roberts who has taught over 25 Seminars at ACMAC and Andy has trained with him many times in Bolton. Another person he considers a mentor is Joe Tierney who is the President of WKKC England and has been a mentor to the Senior Competition Team Members as well, and the highly inspirational Zulfi Ahmed of Bushi Ban in Texas who has been to ACMAC and also Andy has visited his Schools in Houston and last but not least Andy's business Coach Ken Pankiewicz who offers guidance and support to Business aspects of ACMAC. He is blessed to have so many great Instructor’s and Mentor’s.

In 2007 Andy put together his own Curriculum known as Multi Skilled Martial Arts, it comprises of an Adult Syllabus, Kids Syllabus and Little Dragons Program. He approached respected Master’s Dave Turton of ASMAA & Andrew Morrell of CMAA and both agreed to endorse the Curriculum and recognise Andy as the Founder and 5th Dan as that was his Grade in TKD at the time, he would now take future “Grades” in MSMA not TKD.

Andy has achieved Master Grades in 5 Systems of Martial Arts (5th or 6th Dan), plus has 2 additional Black Belts ranks and has Instructor rank in another 8 systems, so in total is qualified to teach 15 Martial Arts 


Master Grades

7th Degree Black Belt - Multi Skilled Martial Arts (Dave Turton)

6th Degree Black Belt - SDF/Goshinkwai Combat (Dave Turton)

6th Degree Black Belt - Kick Boxing (Andrew Morrell)

6th Degree Black Belt - Superfoot System (Bill Wallace)

5th Degree Black Belt - Tae Kwon Do (Kim Stones)


Dan Grades

Black - Eskrima (Dave Irwin)

1st Degree Black Belt - Ju-Jitsu (Matt Hunter)


Instructor Grades

Level 2 - Catch Wrestling (Billy Robinson)

Advanced Instructor - Serrada Escrima (Mark Wiley)

Senior Instructor - Combat Grappling (Dave Turton)

Brown - Native American Warrior Arts (Danny Hoskins)

Level 1 - English Martial Arts (Terry Brown)

Master Instructor - SDF Self Defence (Dave Turton)

Level 1 - Hyper Pro Training (Roland Osborne)

Tutor - Boxing (ABA England)


Coloured Belt

Blue Belt 3 Stripes - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Royce Gracie) 



4 years experience - Kobudo (Brian Lister)


Here are some of Andy’s other achievements as a Martial Artist, Instructor, School Owner, Coach & Event Organiser

Founder & Chief Instructor of ACMAC Martial Arts Schools

Senior Grading Examiner to 8 ACMAC & Inspire Schools

Head Coach of Team ACMAC INSPIRE

Qualified National DBS Check Verifier

Certified Safeguarding Trainer 

WKKC England Executive Team Member

Graded over a Dozen Senior Instructors from other Schools

Taught seminars or classes in 25 Towns/Cities in England, Ireland, Spain & USA

Taught & Graded over 300 Black Belts (MSMA, TKD, Kick Boxing & SDF)

Trained 35 World Champions in various Disciplines

Certified 25 Fully Qualified Instructors and 77 Assistant Instructors

Competed in 10 Disciplines (Point Fighting, Continuous KB, MMA, Grappling, BJJ, Sport Sword, Weapon Fighting, TKD Patterns, Self Defence Forms & Weapon Defence Forms)

Coached in 8 Countries (UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Italy, San Marino, USA & Guatemala)

Organised over 100 Tournaments & Fight Nights in 10 Towns/Cities including: Revolution Tournaments, WKKC English Championships, Ippon Challenge, Storm Force MMA & Mission Submission Grappling

Referee’d at World level and all over the UK

Judged MMA for Cage Warriors and other Events

UK Hall of Fame Award Winner 2012

UK School Owner of the Year 2014

3x UK Instructor of the Year (1999, 2000 & 2013)

European Hall of Fame - Senior Master of the Year (2018) 

Organised the UK Catch Wrestling Revival and became Billy Robinson & Scientific Wrestling European rep

Organised UK Seminar Tours for Tyler Weaver & Danny Hoskins

Hosted Seminars with Bill Superfoot Wallace, Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Benny the Jet Urquidez. Raymond Daniels, Joe Tierney, Zulfi Ahmed, Kim Stones, Dave Turton, Trevor Roberts, Mike Gould, Dave Kovar, Drew Neal, Dave Irwin, Marty Jones, Royce Gracie, John B Will, Wade Schalles, Jake Shannon, Kevin Brewerton, Johnny Huskey, Mark Wiley, Fabrizio Filograna, Michael Bisping, Larry Hartsell, Jeff Keen, Dave “Cammy” Baker, Jack Felton, Robbie Lavoie, Rory Miller, Marcelo Brigadeiro, Phil Glover, Stevie Smith, John Nawn, Pat O’Malley, Jacob Rezaie, Tom Callos and many others at ACMAC HQ in Balby

Trained on Seminars with Dan Inosanto, Hee il Cho, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Rick Young, Geoff Thompson, Neil Adams, Hee Young Kimm, Erik Paulson, Johari Bin Jantan, Carley Gracie, John Machado, Tom Muncy, Ryron Gracie, Chris Leben, Matt Lindland, Nate Quarry and many others

Attended over 100 Martial Arts Seminars

Attended 20+ Martial Arts Business/Education events in UK, Europe & USA

Ran Martial Arts Business Networking Events for over 10 years 

Taught for the Army, Liverpool FC Academy, Young Farmers and many Schools, Colleges & Businesses. 

Founder of Doncaster Christmas Childrens Toy Appeal who have collected Toy’s for Local Children in Need for the past 10 Christmases

Raised money for over a Dozen Local, National & International Charities

Appeared on TV, Radio, Instructional Videos, Magazines, Books and various Internet Outlets

Co-founded the National Sport Weapons Association

Co-Founded the 1PW Wrestling Academy


Andy’s Ultimate Goal is to be the best Instructor and Martial Artist that he can be.


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