Other Arts

These styles are all Additional classes to the main programs that we run:


Serrada Escrima

Serrada Escrima is the Art of Grandmaster Angel Cabales. It is a Filipino Martial Art and is based around a Single Short Stick. The system is only for Adults and great to improve your Coordination.


NSWA Sport Sword / Weapon Combat

We teach the NSWA Sport Sword system in our MSMA classes as well as additional classes at weekends. Its great fun and good for competition, ask your Instructor when the next Sport Sword class is. We had 2 students win English Titles in 2010. We are proud to be part of the National Sport Weapons Association

We also teach Sport Eskrima (Single & Double Stick), Sport Nunchaku & Sport Bo-Staff. We teach these against each other (stick vs stick) and mix up the Weapons (for example sword vs staff). Mr Wilkinson runs the class on Wednesday at 5pm in Balby.



Its base is Japanese Ju-Jitsu but also incorporates Wrestling & BJJ. It has throws, takedowns, ground grappling, submissions and of course defences. we run a Belt system all the way to Black Belt.


TWMA Weapons

Traditional Weapons Modern Applications is a pure Weapons Training system of Martial Arts. It is unique in the UK. The weapons taught in the system are Single & Double Stick, Nunchaku, Kama, Katana & Bo-Staff. 


Combat Kick Boxing

Combat Kick Boxing is a form of Kick Boxing where the student learns more elbow, knee and low kicks and adds them to their repertoire. You learn strikes that are not allowed in normal Kick Boxing. The class is Thursday at 8pm.


Native American Warrior Arts

Taught to us by Master Danny Hoskins it has a Tomahawk & Knife base but also includes other Weapons like Spears and empty Hand Striking & Wrestling


Combat Grappling

Grappling for the street, taught to us by SDF Head Dave Turton. Andy Crittenden is a Senior Instructor in the style and teaches classes and seminars

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