SDF Modern Street Combat

SDF Self Defence is purely and simply a style dedicated to giving its student the ability of defending themselves in a street situation. The class is for adults only but some of its techniques and principles are taught in the Kids MSMA program, also it is a big part of the Adult MSMA system.

SDF Self Defence is the primary art of the Self Defence Federation and its founder Dave Turton 8th Dan is the highest graded, most respected and sought after Realistic Self Defence Instructor in the UK. The system is a result of Dave’s training over the past 40 years.

You learn both mental and physical ways to defend yourself, everything from avoiding & diffusing dangerous situations, how to handle the adrenaline of a real situation, being able to communicate clearly with confidence, the law and self defence, impact techniques, holds, locks & controls and so much more.

By training in the Martial Arts you can improve your chances of defending yourself but SDF Self Defence is all about that, 100% Street Defence Combat, nothing else.

We pride ourselves as being the only Martial Arts School in Doncaster to teach Realistic Street Self Defence and we feel that is one of the many things that makes our Centre unique.

SDF Self Defence founder Dave Turton uses our Centre for most of his classes and courses so our students have more access to him than anyone else and Andy Crittenden is one of only 2 people to be lucky enough to train with Dave every single week and has done for the last 10 years.


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