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Danny Hoskins Seminar Visit

In September one of my Instructor’s Danny Hoskins visited ACMAC for 6 days, he taught seminars in Viking Glima & Native American Warrior Arts as well as doing a lot of private training with me getting me upto speed on his Arts. NAWA in particular is of massive interest to me and I really enjoyed training with Danny and got my Brown Rank from him. He also managed to get some training in with Dave Turton on Pick Axe Handle and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoy Danny’s visits, he is a great teacher and a good friend. The seminars weren’t as popular as id hoped which is bizarre to me as it is stuff that nobody else teaches. I will continue to promote Danny and his arts and hope they get the following they deserve one day.

Thanks to Sophie Hawkins, Adam Wheatley, Gav Collins, Paul Bell, Christopher Halpin Durband, Lauren Ireland, Jason Beckett, Rhys Roberts, Rob Thomas & NAWA Wales Rep Ian East for attending. Most of all thanks to Danny, he is an awesome teacher.

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