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September Gradings


In September we had our Gradings. All the Gradings were the usual time but we changed the way we do the Admin and it made it run so smoothly. Well done to those who were successful.

Grading Awards went to Charlie Armstrong, Nathan Riley, Cameron Wilding & Riley Cougill. A Passes went to Isabella Redfearn, Charlie Hewitt, Oscar Snedker, Guraaj Kaur, Cherry Webb, Spencer Criddle, Lara Burton, Zach bates, Amber Jo Lake, Shannon Thompson, Olivia Lake, Elisha Peppard, Lewis Kirk, Joe Cope, Ethan Cooper, Alisha Kaur, Bethany Clarke, Megan Thompson, Cameron Wilding, Molly Cockett, Deaken Brookes & Mary Boguszewski

Well done to everyone who passed their Gradings.

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