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World Championships 2018


Thats our 4th Year at the WKC World Championships over and another very successful one. There are many World Championships out there and England Team’s to be a part of but this is our home! 

The standard of Fighting & Forms is incredible, the organisation is second to none, we had some questionable decisions bit you get that in every Sport never mind just what we do. At normal Tournaments you get them but at the Worlds it just hurts that bit more. We have far more positives than negatives and incredibly happy with our medal haul. 

There was so many highlights, seeing George & Max come back stronger after a tough 2017, the level that Hayden was fighting at, Jade’s performance in the Team, Lucy’s fight in the Team final and seeing the Ladies retain, Joe being on fire all week, Liv smiling all week and soaking in her first Worlds, Our Officials bossing it on the mats, the Team Spirit and cheering. Kieron winning Teams then his mum and dad turning up to surprise him, plus all the Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals of course and the after party was a great way to finish.

Here are our results

10x Gold

Points - Paris

Continuous - Charlie, Jade, Wayne & Hayden

Points Team - Kelly, Lucy, Paris

Continuous Team - Paris & Kieron

8x Silver

Points - George, Jade & Hayden

Continuous - Lee, Kieron, Joe & George

Points Team - Jade

11x Bronze

Continuous - Jon, Kelly, Paris & Liv

Points - Joe, Jon, Charlie & Jade

Points Team - Charlie

Forms - Max

Weapons - Max

Runners Up

Forms - Cieran

Continuous - Andy, James & Max

Points - Max, Liv, Lee, Andy, Sarah, Kelly, Wayne, James & Kieron

Could not be prouder.

Great job by our Officials Darren Revill, Nat Loy & Dean Mitchell as well as Wayne Emsley who hopped on the mat and gave a hand when needed.

Thank you to Jayne Emsley for not only this photo but all the great pics she has got this week.

Also huge thanks to everyone who came on the trip with us, our support from parents & family members has been fantastic, 1 awesome Team.

Also we have had fantastic support from home which meant alot 

Im so glad that we are a part of WKKC England and would like to thank Joe Tierney, Ian Hollett and all the Officials for allowing us to be part of it. So many great teams involved and all my Team young and old have so many friends around the Country, it really is a great thing to be a part of.

Although i think we will have a smaller team next year as a few of our regulars have said they are due a break and its in Niagara so more expensive obviously i know those who go will give it there all, there will be a few changes in the prep for the Worlds from an ACMAC Inspire point of view for next year which will only improve our already successful team even further.

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