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Black Belt Grading December 2018


We had our biggest Black Belt Grading ever on 22nd December, 3 days before Christmas 23 Candidates testing for 1st, 2nd & 4th Dan. 

They have gone through all aspects of their Syllabus including Sparring, Patterns, Forms, Eskrima, Self Defence, Kicks etc dependant on System from 10am.

They have all prepared themselves over a 12 month or 6 month Cycle and many years before that.

Thanks to Mick, Darren, Kelly, Tiff, Bailey, Max & George for giving up their time on a Saturday and helping with the Grading. Its massively appreciated as it was such a big group and half of the Grading Panel were testing just leaving myself Mrs P & Miss Corish behind the table.

Im extremely proud of everyone who tested, there was a big age range of 40 years between youngest and oldest and all worked together and gave it their all.

Here are the new Dan Grades

4th Dan Kick Boxing

Hayden Lindley, Lucy Crittenden, Jordan Rowe & Jade Humphries

2nd Dan Kick Boxing

Angela Sockett & Lorna Green

2nd Dan Multi Skilled Martial Arts

Abigail Dilks, Tyler Froggatt & Dawid Kowalski

1st Dan Multi Skilled Martial Arts

Mary Doyle, Zac Bates, Josh Woodhall, Alisha Kaur, Eowyn Patchett, Laura Rippon, Dominic Wilding, Joe Cope, Joe Wallace, Amber Jo Lake & Brandon Green

1st Dan Tae Kwon Do

Linda Criddle & Garry Peace 

1st Dan Kick Boxing

Wayne Emsley


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