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2018 Awards


This was straight after the Graduation, and we gave away 13 special awards plus many runners up awards.

ACMAC Senior Instructor Team Member of the Year 2018 - Mick Woodhall

Mick is a great role model and has become a really good Instructor

ACMAC Junior Instructor Team Member of the Year 2018 - Tiff Richardson

Tiff has grown in confidence massively in 2018 and has become a great asset to our Team.

ACMAC STORM Team Member of the Year 2018 - Alisha Kaur & Sienna Chambers

Alisha & Sienna have been great help in classes, both are mature beyond their years.

ACMAC INSPIRE Junior Competitor of the Year 2018 - Max Peart

Runners Up – George Emsley, Olivia Cope & Joe Cope

Max had a brilliant year, winning more Gold’s than anyone else & was a star at the Worlds

ACMAC INSPIRE Senior Competitor of the Year 2018 - Andy Townsend  

Runners Up – Jon Glarvey, Sarah Hyslop & Kelly Ashbridge

A top guy, won a lot of medals, had some amazing fights and was brilliant at the Worlds.

ACMAC Junior Black Belt of the Year 2018 - Kieron Stuart

Runners Up – Bailey Willis, Emma Rippon & Ethan Row

Kieron is a great student and trained hard all year, fought well & is a great helper in classes

ACMAC Senior Black Belt of the Year 2018 - Angela Sockett

Runners Up – Jade Humphries, Gavin Collins & Cieran Ashbridge

Ange had an amazing Year, 2nd Dan Kick Boxing & Brown Belt SDF, she’s a true role model

ACMAC Balby Junior Student of the Year 2018 - Josh Woodhall      

Runners Up - Natan Lis, Bobbi Ford & Coby-Joe Wagstaff

Josh had to work his socks off all year and stay focused on his goal, which he did.

ACMAC Balby Senior Student of the Year 2018 - Adam Wheatley    

Runners Up - Linda Criddle, Paul Hewitson & Jacob Frost-Ward

Adam is a brilliant student, training in MSMA, SDF, Ju-Jitsu, Eskrima & Catch Wrestling

ACMAC Stainforth Student of the Year 2018 - Damian Pryzbylski    

Runners Up - Charleigh-Jo Singleton, Logan Taylor & Amelia Robinson

Damian always trains his hardest and is very positive, he will go a long way

ACMAC Bentley Student of the Year 2018 - Ethan Jackson

Runners Up - Rihanna Jones, Oscar Wright & Jake Wright

Ethan has improved a lot and always gives his best, he is a pleasure to teach

ACMAC Rossington Student of the Year 2018 - Sam Bartczak 

Runners Up - Elliott Dakin, Millie-Leigh Shaw & Aaron Chan

Sam has been helping in classes this year, he’s been a great help and always trains hard

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