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June Grading Week



June Grading was a scorcher, it was the first time we did 5 days straight and then Graduation. We have added the extra night by splitting some of the grades which means we get to look even closer at our candidates.


Grading Awards went to Jessica Chappel, Tyler Atmore, Sinead Guest & Harry Bartczak and A Passes were awarded to Alan Czernecki, Kayden Emmonds, Kyle Powell, Harry Perks, Toby Eveleigh, Bailey Stead, Oliwia Walica-Redzimska, Logan Surfleet, Katie Wilkinson, Emily Angus, Alisha Winder, Dom Wilding, Sam Banks, Kane Carling, Oscar Wright, Ava Downing, Connor Cowan, Ethan Jackson, Ebony Orr, Olly Reed, Andrew Sudlitz & Oliwia Kociuba.



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