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December Gradings

It was a pleasure to watch the Ju-Jitsu students on their Grading. The group has grown so much in the past year, its great to see. Mr Rowe does an amazing job with this class, he has great skills and they were on show by his students on this Grading. Craig Ford particularly went through it, the first time I have had chance to grade him for a lot of years.


Well done everyone and I hope the class continues to grow in 2020.




Gradings continued as my next one was with the Inspire guys. My good friend Darren Revill was taking 4th Dan so this was particularly special, his wife Joanne took 3rd Dan, Callum Hayes took 2nd Dan and Brendan Hyslop 1st Dan.


These guys all absolutely smashed it, a great show of skill as always. Massive congratulations to them all.




Once that Grading was done I went and picked Mrs P up and we travelled to Staveley for ACMAC Staveley’s first Grading. We had 8 Students testing for Orange Belt or Orange Stripe. They all did really well, it was a great first Grading for Jade and all involved.


I cant wait to see this group grow in 2020.




It was our 4th and final grading week of 2019, it started off really well and just got better as the week went on. I sat with pride for 4 days and watched students from our 4 Doncaster Schools absolutely smash it. The future of our Schools is very bright.


Grading Awards went to Eva Crompton, Jack Poppleton, Tawhid Razzaq & Emma Rippon. A Passes went to Tsara Stradz, Rafiah Fatima, Yusuf Malik, Isabella Remy, Bobbie Elliot, Bobbi Ford, Harrison Boote, Paul Hewitson, Thomas Warman, Jake Ewens, Jessica Chapel, Tobi Atkin, Travis Scorer, Millie-Leigh Shaw, Ella Laverick, Jensen Connolly, Chloe Worth, Natan Lis, Alex Anderson, Sienna Chambers, Max Peart, Harvey Calvert-Beal, Evie Freeman, Ebony Orr, Zachary Pratt, Chloe Johnson, Ellie-Anne Barker & Adrian Niknam.




The only way to finish is with Black Belt Grading. We started with Mick & Adam doing some really high level Curriculum, then the 2nd Dan candidates came in and went through theirs before the rest of the candidates.


We had 24 candidates and 22 made the Grade. They went through all their Syllabus, then Sparring and Fitness.


These days are the most amazing of the year, seeing our students grow from White Belts to Black Belt and Beyond. This was certainly one of those days congratulations to our new Dan Grades


3rd Dan Black Belts

Mick Woodhall & Adam Wheatley


2nd Dan Black Belts

Dom Sayle, Sophie Angus, James Swift, Bethany Coxall & Claire Pavlou


1st Dan Black Belts

Tyler Atmore, Oscar Snedker, Harrison Atick, Natalia Mozal, Oliver Gleadall, Charlie Hewitt, Kate Barker, Sam Bartczak, Olivia Cope, Jessica Nichol, Oliver Worth, Logan Peppard, Emma Swift, Logan Brown & Brandon Hunter.


We are all really proud of everyone.


Also I would like to thank everyone who came and helped on the Grading, it was the best turn out we have ever had, it showed great camaraderie between our Senior Ranks,




The next day was Graduation and the room was packed, we had lots of students come and get their Bets and see the Black belts get yours. It was a feel good event.



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