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Team ACMAC Inspire 2019

It has been another great year, we had a reduced Schedule but still won an amazing 400 Medals & Trophies! (obviously we don’t count the ACMAC Comp)


We also won the most Golds at Revolution 8th Consecutive Year and 10th Year total. We had 36 different people win Gold Medals which is amazing!


Although he wont make the most medals list Hayden needs a mention as he didnt lose a fight, he won Double Gold at Worlds, Gold at Ippon, Grand Championship at Ippon and won the Main Event on Ippon Showdown


Most Gold (Not Fight Nights or Teams) – 36 people

10 - Tiff Richardson & George Emsley

8 - Max Peart

7 - Oscar Snedker

5 - Joe Cope, Kelly Ashbridge, Andy Townsend & Stephen Jones

4 - Sienna Chambers, Hayden Lindley, Alex Nichol

3 - Harrison Atick, Bailey Willis, George Snedker, Olivia Cope, Ella Barker & Jakub Sudlitz

2 - Abby Townsend, Micheala Hempstock, Jess Nichol, Lucy Crittenden, Kieron Stuart, Faith Chambers, Lee Cutsforth, Dean Mitchell, Garry Peace & Sarah Hyslop

1 - Millie-Leigh Shaw, Sophie Hawkins, Jensen Connolly, Laura Rippon, Jon Glarvey, Dale Hayes, Rosie Gleadall, Cieran Ashbridge, Darren Revill & Jake Ewens


Most Medals (Not Fight Nights or Teams)

20 – Joe – 5

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