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Instructor Promotions - September 2020

Instructor We recently held our Annual Instructor Promotions at our AGM. 26 Instructor’s attended the event. Here is my report


I am so proud of these 3 students. All have been training for 12 plus years years and have been part of our Instructor or Storm Team for at least half that time.


This weekend they was promoted within our Team based on a Testing Process, Time Served and by completing a series of tasks.


Tiff Richardson & Kieron Stuart were awarded the rank of Full Instructor, meaning they can teach Little Dragons, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Kids plus Adult Kick Boxing.


Their Test involved teaching every class on one specific night but to be honest they both do that regular. At 18 their experience and maturity belies their youth, both have earnt the respect of our Students, their peers and most importantly of all their Seniors.


Both are great role models and product of ACMAC Martial Arts Black Belt Systems, Instructor Program & Competition Team (both Multiple Time World Champions and Multi Disciplined National Champions)


Cieran Ashbridge was awarded the title of Tae Kwon Do Instructor and also Senior Black Belt Leader in the Kids MSMA system to go alongside his Assistant Instructor qualifications in Little Dragons, Kick Boxing & Adult MSMA.


He is super dedicated, we worked out he has helped out in around 800-1000 classes since starting on the Team. We are all pushing him to be the best version of himself as he looks to add the Kids Instructor levels to his CV in the future.


Other Full Instructor’s promoted were

Hayden Lindley - Senior Instructor Level 2

Jess Ulyett - Senior Instructor Level 2

Lucy Crittenden - Senior Instructor Level 1

Jordan Rowe - Senior Instructor Level 1

Kelly Ashbridge - Advanced Instructor Level 2

Jon Glarvey - Advanced Instructor Level 2

Mick Woodhall - Full Instructor Level 3

Jade Humphries - Full Instructor Level 2

Paul Bell - Full Instructor Level 2


And progressing through the Assistant Instructor ranks

Angela Sockett - Senior Assistant Instructor

Josh Spencer - Senior Assistant Instructor

Max Peart - Senior Assistant Instructor

Nieve Davis-Parker - Senior Assistant Instructor


And after completing the Instructor Course and Testing process the following were promoted from Trainee to Assistant Instructor


Andy Townsend (ACMAC Balby)

Abby Townsend (ACMAC Balby)

Adam Wheatley (ACMAC Balby)

Gavin Collins (ACMAC Balby)

Linda Criddle (ACMAC Balby)

Sarah Cashmore (ACMAC Balby)

Jayne Emsley (ACMAC Balby)

George Emsley (ACMAC Balby)

Garry Peace (ACMAC Balby)

Charlie Hewitt (ACMAC Balby)

Zac Bates (ACMAC Balby)

Bethany Coxall (ACMAC Rossington)

Claire Pavlou (ACMAC Rossington)

Kate Barker (ACMAC Rossington)

Sam Bartczak (ACMAC Rossington)

Olivia Cope (ACMAC Rossington)

Jess Nichol (ACMAC Rossington)

Nick Bailey (ACMAC Stainforth)


As always Mrs Audrey Parker was present, helping with the Training and guiding the Team, she is the only person at present to have completed the ACMAC Instructor System which is 20 years as a Fully Qualified Instructor (1998-2018)


We now have 14 Active Instructor’s and 22 Active Assistant Instructor’s plus some Instructors & Assistant’s who are still training but not Currently Teaching weekly, on a Teaching Rota or Assisting regularly. We are very proud of our Team across all Schools


We are taking applications from our Student Body for the 2021 Instructor Course over the coming months, see your Instructor to apply, any past Students reading this and want to be part of our Team reach out to one of the Senior Team members and see if its something you could get involved with, we are looking at expanding our Schools next year and we are always looking to continue to build our Team to be able to make this happen.


Andy Crittenden

Founder & Chief Instructor

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