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Fundraising Fight Night 2015

We had an absolutely fantastic night. It was one of the best nights at ACMAC that we have ever had. The atmosphere was really good, the fights were a great mix of Novices through to some of our very best fighters.

The Team worked so well we had the Tuck Shop, Tombola, Hot Food & Drink Stall all running smoothly and on the mats Darren & Kev did a great job reffing and Wendy managed the Scoreboard even with the massive numbers we had.
All the kids fought so well and lets hope that some of those go onto the success of the likes of Aidan & Charlie one day.
The first half had 6 fights where most of the kids had never fought before, the score kept going back and forth between the two teams.
Then we had a special moment between 3 Generations of Goodenough's father vs son with grandson/son refereeing. It was an absolute bloodbath and our only Continuous fight of the night.
Then we were back to points with some top fighters taking to the mats. Again the scores went back and forth and the energy when Charlie pulled of "that" kick to level the scores at 130-130 exactly on time just made the night.
Team Sunny got the extra point but who would have thought after 13 fights it would be a draw but the way it happened meant we all witnessed something special. They were all winners and I hope everyone got to see the level you can achieve if you train with us for long enough.
We raised over £1300 in 1 night and we hope to build on that for next time and get more people involved. It is something everyone should do, it will build your childs confidence, make them feel part of a team and an opportunity to achieve something outside of regular classes.

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