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We took a strong Squad to Bradford for the WKKC National Championships and World Qualifiers. 21 competitors and 20 made the Team for Florida by winning a medal. It was one of the busiest and highest standard Tournaments in the UK this year and I was so please that we got 16 Golds, 11 Silvers & 12 Bronze and the last fight of day the Mens Grand Championship final was contested by Hayden & Suneil with Hayden coming out on top and becoming WKKC Grand Champion 2015.

Here are the results:


Hayden Lindley (Points & Grands)

Suneil Singh (Points & Continuous)

Sophie Hawkins (Patterns & Trad Weapons)

Tiffiny Richardson (Continuous)

Mrs P (Patterns)

Lee Cutsforth (Points)

Kieron Stuart (Continuous)

Sam Orwin (Creative Forms)

Kian Goodenough (Trad Weapons)

Charlie Ransford (Points)

Jade Humphries (Points)

Paris Slater (Points)

Nat Loy (Continuous)


Tiffiny Richardson (2x PoInts)

Shea Hughes (Points)

Sarah Illingworth (Continuous)

Beth Revill (Points)

David Fletcher (Points)

Paris Slater (Points)

Sophie Hawkins (Points)

Jade Humphries (Points)

Sam Orwin (Patterns)

Brooke Sockett (FS Forms)


Kian Goodenough (FS Forms & Creative Weapons)

Brooke Sockett (Points)

Kieron Stuart (Points)

Aidan Hughes (Continuous)

Shea Hughes (Continuous)

Beth Revill (Points)

Nat Loy (Points)

Sarah Illingworth (Points)

Charlie Ransford (Continuous)

Paris Slater (Continuous)

Joanne Revill (Kata)

We will now hopefully be able to take a strong team to Florida to compete in the World Championships. I would also like to thank all ACMAC/Revolution Referees, Forms Judges, Registration, Weigh In & Table Staff who did an amazing job as part of Team WKKC England. I was proud to work as part of the organising Team along with some great people, I really appreciate Joe Tierney asking me to be a part of it.

Bring on Florida.

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